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Story of Menstrual Cramps Period Pain Herbal Relief Remedies by Period Pain Relief:

My name is Lily, I started to suffer from menstrual cramps from period pains when I was a university student. This problem bothered me for almost 25 years, first I just needed to take one aspirin. Later on in life, my body became resistant to those painkillers, I consumed different painkillers constantly, but they was no longer effective.

This lasted for more than 10 years. I was never able to work or study when I was suffering from menstrual period pain.

I went to the best hospital in town, found the best Chinese doctor, drank so many horrible tasting Chinese medicine which never workedout. I went to the hospital again and inspected my whole body. The doctors were talking to each other that they never saw someone so healthy.

period pain relif

I can never understood why I was in so much pain, maybe it is not because the doctors were not good enough, maybe it was because the problem is too weird.

Because of this, I gave up my job and stayed in home for two years, where the pain reduced a little bit but was still unbearable.

Later I came to America, problems became even worse and every period, I sat on the floor with my hands pressing on my belly, screaming, I couldn't even lay on the bed, I even couldn't sit on the coach, night after night, I couldn't fall asleep because of the horrible periods pain.

One day I asked my friend in China what can I do? I'd rather die. She said she almost died of periods pain too, she was in so much pain for so many years. Her friend introduced her this herbal periods pain relief pads where she was told it works like magic. Ever since, she has never suffered from periods pain after she used the periods pain relief pad.

I took her suggestion and purchased the Period Pain Relief Pad, the first time I used it, I felt comfortable like nothing was happening. I ordered boxes after boxes straight away and mailed them to all the women in my family who suffer from period paid and everybody told me, no pain, even feels so comfortable when they are in period after they using this herbal period pain relief pad.

I never worked when I was on my period, the second time I was using this period pain relief pad, I thought I can go to work where I was totally fine, but I still laid in bed. I can't believe it, because I never worked when I was in period, I studied how to do SEO the whole day and did not feel any discomfort, I was surprised, I can never do anything when I was on my period.

period pain

The third time I was using it, it happened when my boyfriend was seriously sick, we have a shop in Westfield mall that needs be open all the time and my boyfriend could not go to work, we didn't hire anybody because it is a new business and can't afford to hire people yet.

This time I had to go to work, with this period pain relief pad stick to my belly, to my surprise, I never felt any discomfort, pain and my brain was clear and fresh. I worked so good where I made #1 sales that day in five month period.

I was so happy, now I am out of the hell of periods pain! I was a women's doctors in China for more than three years, I never heard that these medicines can really heal periods pain, now here it is!

Another thing, which act like the product's Chinese specifications said, girls will look much more fresh and young after using this period pain relief product, yes, I look much better after using it.

This herbal period pain relief pad restrained the circulation, got rid of toxin and improved complexion, I am 44 years old this year, but my skin look better than when I was 16.

I don't want to lie, or exaggerate, but all this are real, if your inner-environment is clean and smooth, you will look much more beautiful, and you supposed to look that way.

I decided to share this secret with every women who is bothered by the same problem (periods pain or PMS or irregular periods), and I don't want to pay $30 just for international shipping every time.

I talked to the retailer, but they said they are too busy with Chinese market, no interest in America market, I found their manufacture, the manufacture told me, they are too busy dealing with China market too, if I want to bring it to America, I can try it myself.

I tried to find someone to make website, it seems their job maybe look professional, but cold like it is not real life just a business. I decided to make this website myself, just make it like a note to a friend, so as you will feel happy to share my joy like a friend.

period pain

You don't need tell me, my English is horrible, I know that, also I never learned how to make a website too, just watched a few hours of YouTube, so this website may look unprofessional, but I really hope you can get out of the hell with me, get rid of the nightmare of painful periods like I did.

Products just come to America, package will be simple to save your packing cost and shipping.

If you used this product, feel happy, like it, please inform all the women around you, your friends, your co-works, your schoolmates, your family...they may need the same help like you and me did, let us don't dream to be a guy anymore, just be a happy girl.

Products got China patent, patent number ZL200710054676. After nine years study, Chinese medical professionals finally made this magic periods pain reliever, it have been tested by millions of women, no worries! be confident to use it!

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After using this products, please tell me how you feel, I will put it on this website, so as more people will try this products and get rid of the nightmare of menstrual periods cramps pain. my e-mail: info@period-pain.net.